From Setback To Setup
We have specially selected real life stories of believers who have walked through some really difficult seasons in their lives. In these stories, find hope again as you read how these precious individuals came out of their financial and health challenges with God’s strength and His blessing on them!

We pray that faith arises in your heart as you read these praise reports and that you’ll be encouraged that when life gives you setbacks, God can turn them around into set-ups for His glory!

Take heart, beloved, for your God fights your battles with you. With Him, you can face every challenge with hope and strength!We'll be sharing a total of 3 testimonies in the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned to read more.
Last year, my husband’s company closed down. As a result, we decided he should take a year off to study while I return to work to support the family. However, I felt I was at a disadvantage and might not be able to get the kind of role I desired as I’d taken some time off to raise our child.
I applied for roles that I was actually overqualified for, just to get a break and earn some money. But the harder I tried to get a job, the more it seemed to elude me.

But the harder I tried to get a job, the more it seemed to elude me. I was tired, worn out, and afraid.

We reached the point where we had totally run out of funds and had to consider removing our son from school.

During that time, we were listening to the grace messages preached by Joseph Prince on television. Then, I stumbled on a sermon CD titled, Worship With The Psalm Of David And See Good Days, by Pastor Prince. I do not even know where it came from but I kept listening to the sermon.

The message seeped into my heart and spirit, and I began to realize that God is for me. He loves me in a personal way and His heart is to bless me and see me prosper in all ways.

I also realized that I have the power of attorney through Jesus Christ.

As I embraced these truths, I partook of the Holy Communion as often as possible, sometimes even twice a day.

I began to keep my eyes on Jesus rather than my circumstances. Although I was not totally without fear, or feeling totally strong in faith, I had peace.

Then, on one of those afternoons, I got a call. I was being offered a role I was interviewed for several weeks ago. We were completely blown away as it was a senior position in a government office. I was in shock over the favor I received even when I was not the most experienced for the position.

God also supplied our needs without us having to borrow money. We had the provision to pay for my son’s school fees even before I started working.

God is good and His mercies endure forever— this is no longer a cliche to me, but a reality.

Pastor Prince, thank you for reaching out with this message of grace with a sense of humor. I’ve learned so much from listening to your programs, and many times it was from the little testimonies you share about raising your kids or your approach to work.

God grace you, your family, and your ministry.

United Kingdom

*Name has been changed to protect writer's privacy.
In 2008, doctors discovered 7 lumps in my left breast and one in my right. They were thankfully benign. In 2012, the number of lumps on the left grew to 8. I was told to do a follow up 6 to 12 months later. Shortly after, we welcomed our first baby so I ignored the doctor’s advice to do a follow-up. I also did not follow up out of fear...
Years passed and in June 2017, I had a breast infection while breastfeeding. The medical specialist told me I had multiple lumps and it was best to get a more detailed investigation 3 months after I stopped breastfeeding. A date was then set in January 2018 for the check up.

My family has been attending New Creation Church [in Singapore] and we are equipped with the knowledge of the Holy Communion, the power of the anointing oil, and the importance of declaring God’s promises over our lives. We would often do all these individually and also together as a family.

As I applied the anointing oil on myself, I would declare that no lumps formed against me shall prosper. I would also quote the verse, “As He is, so are we in this world,” repeatedly.

In January 2018, I went for the ultrasound and to my surprise it was over very quickly.

When I saw the breast surgeon an hour later for the results, she looked very puzzled and said to me, “All the lumps on your left breast have disappeared!”

I asked if this was normal as I heard that lumps could come and go. She told me the ones I had weren’t water cysts but rather solid nodules and these nodules once formed would usually not disappear on their own. The only way to get rid of them was through surgery.

The lump I had on the right breast had shrunk since 2012. When the doctor proceeded to do a physical examination on me, she also could not find that lump that she previously detected in June 2017. All eight lumps on my left breasts were gone!

All praise and glory to Jesus my healer!

Andrea Braeckevelt
Pastor Prince, my husband and I started a business about nine years ago and used up all of our savings and assets. The business was very trying, to the point that I broke down and began feeling depressed. I started believing that I had made a mistake and that God was either punishing me or had left me altogether...
I thought that I did not deserve to be blessed and felt lonely as even our friends and family were waiting to see us sink financially.

We had so much debt and we thought that we would lose our home and even prepared ourselves to file for bankruptcy. I am so thankful that I stumbled across your television program a few years ago and started listening to your messages on God’s grace daily.

I learned that God is for me and not against me, and that He loves me and wants me to do well. Thus, I started resting in His finished work at Calvary and declared that all my debts are paid.

Little by little, we kept pressing on and each time we paid our bills we would declare, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” After nine years, we are still in business and our loans and credit card debt are almost paid off.

Today, we are moving forward financially. God is indeed our Shepherd! I praise Him for the little victories He gave us. Although, I am still not completely debt free, I know I am on my way and will keep on believing and resting in Him!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for opening my eyes to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless your ministry!

New Hampshire, United States

*Name has been changed to protect writer's privacy.

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